In Praise of "The Captain's Daughters"
WILL CAPTIVATE YOU! “ This was a great late middle-grade, early young adult sci-fi adventure. I loved Diane and Robin, the difference in their personalities, and their determination to get back to the family they love. Although there are some aliens and sci-fi elements, there are some that those of us still on earth will find familiar - like the family's horse ranch. Overall, a story that will captivate your imagination, and keep you turning pages until the end. ”
— Liliyana, The Faerie Review
“ A Middle grade sci-fi book that has more Country vibes than alien vibes. Honestly, the beginning of the book from the ranch, and the kind of vibe both Robin and Diane had made it feel like they belonged on the countryside much more than a spaceship. The getting-abducted-by-aliens story is a cliché in children's books but this book made it interesting when both the girls land back in their home, meet their grandparents who do not recognize then anymore. Is it time travel? A parallel dimension? A memory-erasure? Read the book to find out. But for me, I found the book to be an easy read. The girls do have the childish tone, which will appeal to middle-grade readers, and I am glad that the author didn't complicate the book by overusing scientific terms. The explanation for the girls knowing all these things like "how transporters work" is simple. Their father is pretty strict in ensuring they learn everything. From their home coordinates, to riding a horse, he is like every overprotective father. The relationship between the father and daughters is so heartwarming, but you only get to see it for a small time since aliens abduct these girls soon after. The plot of the story is pretty straightforward so, it wasn't anything mind-blowing but a page-by-page development that helps you make sense of things. The descriptive writing and simplistic dialogues make you keep reading till it's over. Overall, it is a pretty decent book for middle-grade readers. One that teaches you about thinking on your feet and overcoming challenges without being afraid. ”
— Alex the Shadowgirl's blog
“ A story of betrayals, deceptions, lies, survival, family loyalties, hope, and trust. An ending filled with twists and surprises, and the last few pages will endear you to both sides and bring tears of warmth to your eyes. Characters that are genuine and two girls that are smart and resourceful. This is one story that young teens and middle school children will love to read and learn more about. Author Doreen D. Berger has the makings of a great series if she wants to bring these characters back. ”
— Fran Lewis, Just Reviews
“ HEARTFELT MIDDLE GRADE SCI-FI! “This was a fun and heartfelt story about two kids trying to find their way home. While the tension and potential danger were certainly there, they felt appropriate for the target age range. So the topics seem like they could be too sensitive, they are handled well. The characters felt like real people--from the protagonists to the secondary people who only show up a few times. The relationship between the girls and their father was drawn beautifully. All in all, a great story for all ages. Alternate universes are always interesting, and this is no exception. I'm interested to see where the adventure goes next and definitely recommend giving this book a try. ”
— Mary DeSantis, Kit 'N Kabookle Reviews
“ This middle grade space adventure tells the story of a family united by love in the wake of disaster. It is told from several perspectives, giving readers insight into the feelings of both the twelve-year-old girls and the adults who interact with them. Extensive memories and flashbacks pepper the narrative, giving the readers information about the past that help explain the present. Humor, danger, and adventure guide this fast-paced narrative, incorporating futuristic technology and experiences into the mix. Though this story takes place so far in the future, there are unmistakable inclusions that make it relevant to a modern audience. Most notably, the strong family values exhibited throughout the narrative are universal, connecting the protagonists across space and time. Anchored by the adventure of rescuing Diane and Robin from harm, the story incorporates several moments that define the familial connection the girls share with Captain Marsh. As readers learn more about this futuristic world, they understand the strong emotions felt by each character and build empathy for their parents and caregivers in the process. This is the first in a series of stories about the antics of Diane and Robin in their space-centered, futuristic world. After reading this novel, readers will have a firm understanding of the girls’ past and what drives them as they move into new experiences. Blending compelling, space-age technology with familiar emotions, this tale is at once entertaining and accessible. Middle grade readers who enjoy character-driven narratives with a hefty dose of adventure will love getting to know Diane and Robin and look forward to their next story. ”
— Mary Lanni, Blog
“ LOVED IT! “A tale of action, revenge, and thinking on your feet, the core of this non-stop adventure celebrates the sacred bond of a father and his daughters that stays strong, no matter what may come…I love good scifi, and this scifi world is incredibly well thought out. This is no slapdash, amateur attempt at a science fiction setting. Instead, the author thought of absolutely everything, from technology to war to cultural differences between species. There is also a strong story of adoption, as Captain Marsh loves and protects Diane and Robin as if they were his own. The ups and downs of family and fatherhood are so real and engaging that I actually forgot I was reading. This bond of family is severely tested, and clearly shows that families don't have to be perfect to be incredible… the epic family adventure of The Captain's Daughters is certain to secure a permanent place on your bookshelf, and in your heart. ”
— Dakota Love (thefowardsandbackwardsblog) for Reedsy Discovery
“ The love and overall adventure in the story is great for younger readers but can easily pass time for adults as well. The character build is well thought out. The different styles and scenes create a good balance of light mystery and fun. Great more family friendly read. ”
— Cassandra’s Reviews (Cassandra M’s Place blog)
“ The story is wonderful and it focuses majorly on relationships, family values, and love. There are some great scenes about the best parenting behaviors. Marsh is good at both disciplining his daughters and also showering them with love. The girls are adventurous; sometimes turn to troublemakers like any other children. I absolutely loved the cover. ”
— Fantastic Feathers blog
“ Family love, sibling relationships, alien creatures, and exciting space adventure combine to make an entertaining read and, what seems, to be the start of a new series. This is an easy to read space adventure. The sisters, Diane and Robin, are a little mischievous but have tons of heart. Their love for their father and desire to return home is inspiring, while they face all sorts of high tension obstacles and intriguing creatures. It's well-paced and keeps the reader in the pages all the way through. Imagination flows from every page, which really allows the creatures and worlds to shine. Luckily, readers aren't bogged down with detailed and technical descriptions, but each science wonder flows at an age appropriate level. I enjoyed diving from one situation to the next with the girls and seeing how they got out of each situation. What I really enjoyed, though, was the lovely family relationship they shared. The love is impossible not to see, but then, some of this comes across better because of the inclusion of sections written from the adult's perspective. This is a read, which packs tons of space excitement, family love, and tension, which is perfect for this audience. ”
— Tonja Drecker, Bookworm for Kids